It is oh so deafening to the ears of those who’ve never been silenced before

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There is a rage, a voice, an impotent posturing to fight for a privilege that was never taken away. It echoes silently from the mouths of the misguided as they march past the boys in blue, trampling over the thin blue line that they’ve sworn to uphold, to support. It screams quietly as the heads, decorated in the red, white, and blue of stars and bars, are bashed against concrete. These are the same stars and bars that lasted as long as the charade of decency we used to call our head of state. …

The keys must feel so incredibly heavy in your hands, rusting away while I still bear the weighted shackles of my ancestors’ dreams of freedom.

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They dreamed of an era of equity, not one of equality. Equality died when Sherman’s promise of 40 acres and a mule was ripped out from under our freshly freed hands, still raw and cracked with wounds of rebellion. The concept of equality rings uncomfortably in the ears of those who’ve heard it said as “separate but equal.” Who’ve heard it said as “not in my backyard,” or “not in my family” or “they’re just not a good fit.”

Equality was when we understood the aggression and the needless anger and the irrevocably, unmoving lack of opportunities within their communities…

And where were you? Where have you been all this time?

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Ever since the protests have erupted all across this country, even beyond our own make-America-fascist-again borders, several people in my life have reached out with this same burning question:

“What are your thoughts on this?”

Like every other black person beyond the age of 5 or so, when we can comprehensively engage in dialogue, this question was no stranger. And yet, a wave of familiar anger and distaste pierced my tongue before I bit it, chewing on a friendlier response before opening my mouth. I’ve touted the same friendly things I’ve always said to avoid enticing the tsunami of White…

A Celebration that Displacement Can’t Remove the Soul

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Equipto speaks out at the First Annual San Francisco Day Celebration

Not a single cloud muddled the bright, blue skies that set the uplifting mood on April 15, 2016. Beneath the feet of people lay the luscious, emerald grass of Dolores Park, recently renovated to include new restrooms and pathways. People of all sorts of ethnic and economical background decorated the park grounds; relaxing, chatting, simply enjoying a San Francisco midday. It was 4 o’ clock when people grouped together exponentially. They began to lay down large cloth posters of people killed due to police brutality. One such poster displayed Alex Nieto in…

Devonya Batiste

She’s a Communications Associate for Chegg, a fan of cats, and a lover of heavy music. Raised in the south as a black woman, she enjoys sharing her perspective.

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